30 Second Success Strategies

Ever feel like you’re alone in doing what is right?

There are times in which people take a strong stand on a subject that creates a rift with others. This can take place at home within your marriage or as a parent. It can happen at work, leaving you feeling isolated, vulnerable and worried. Wherever it takes place, we can be left in the cold feeling uncertain of ourselves, the people around us and the very principles we are trying to uphold.

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Don’t worry. Disagreement is normal and even productive. It’s very uncomfortable, for sure, but it is important to keep things in perspective. Assuming that you are well-informed and strongly believe in your decision, it’s important to stay strong. Here are some approaches that will help add to your success when dealing with such a strong difference of opinion.

1) It’s not personal. Don’t take things personally. People are passionate and imperfect. Give people the benefit of the doubt and let them come to you. Be the bigger person and leave the door open for others and they will respect you.

2) Things will get better. Maintain perspective. Everyone may come out with some wounds to heal by the end of it, but more than likely, things will be okay. If something is truly important to you, then take a stand.

3) Open communication. Don’t react negatively and close the door to continued communication. Let others know that you are open to continued discussion, even if you need to take a break. Let others know why your stance is so important to you, in addition to letting them know why you care about listening to their perspective.

4) Conflict can be a good thing. People learn about one another and can grow in respect for one another. Integrity is a wonderful trait that not everyone has or has the backbone to maintain. Even if you end up agreeing to disagree, you may learn to respect someone’s character and integrity as a result.

5) Conflict can build strength.If addressed correctly, conflict can strengthen a team because they have overcome their differences, know that the team members will not compromise or sabotage the greater whole and the team has a history of demonstrating honesty, respect and consideration.

We all play a role in leadership.

Yes, leaders are sometimes the ones leading the charge, followed by a sea of armed soldiers merging with the enemy on the battlefield. However, despite our title, attire or self-impression, we are also leaders within our organization.

What do you think it means to be a leader? What does it take to be a leader?

A leader is an individual who cares about adopting the highest standards in their own conduct, ethics and integrity in observance of the organization’s mission, vision and values.  

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Your actions reveal your intentions. No matter where you are, even if it’s at the bottom of the totem pole, your actions affect your performance and ripple through the organization.

So leaders can look any sort of way, be quiet and not necessarily have the job with the greatest responsibility–but they all follow through in their actions with great purpose and passion!