What happens in between the holidays?

The nation is gearing up for Thanksgiving and a number of celebrations to end the year. Generally speaking, the holidays are a significant time of the year when people try to celebrate their blessings and the people they have in their life. It’s a moment to cultivate religious traditions and recognize who we are. They require a lot of planning and forethought, and often lead to a bundle of mixed emotions  and fuel the beginning of a new year filled with hope and anticipation of what may be. There is great purpose in celebrating these holidays, but what happens in between?

There is great work done around the holiday season dedicated to the expression of our love and appreciation for family, friends and life itself. But do we live with the same amount of awareness and intention during the other days of the year?

Do we share our feelings for others on a regular basis or do we wait until a major holiday to do so? When we do get to share, does it happen in a way that we find great satisfaction and authenticity?

I think the answer can vary from person to person, but I think that most people let “life” get in between what’s important. “Life” is the meeting that went long, forcing you to arrive late for dinner. “Life” is being upset that you had to get a tow truck and spend $1000 fixing the car. “Life” is being worried about our job security; keeping you on the computer looking for jobs late at night.

“Life” is what happens and can distract you from the many wonderful, positive and loving people you may have around you. What would happen if you remembered to do or say at least one intentional and loving thing to a family member or a close friend. What if you celebrated a mini-Thanksgiving every day? How would you feel? How would that affect others at home?

So each week:

1) Touch base with one person you haven’t heard from recently and let them know something you appreciate about them.

2) Leave a note for someone special sharing how you feel.

3) Try becoming a good hugger! Hugging conveys warmth and helps strengthen the bond between people.

4) Do something nice for someone and tell them why it was important for you to do it.

5) Be creative! You know your own talents and abilities! Put them to work!

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