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Core Positive Coaching & Consulting, LLC

I help build positive communities through the coaching of motivated individuals interested in living their purpose, reaching their full potential and making the most of their opportunity.

Are you too caught up in building that you can’t see the vision beyond the skyscraper’s you’ve built?

1. Take a breather. Assess where you are in life. Evaluate your physical environment, career, financial well-being, physical health, friends/family life, romantic relationships, personal development, spiritual life and recreation. Where are you? Where would you like to be? Then answer “HOW” to get there.

2. Be aware of your thoughts. They are powerful and affect your emotions and actions.

3. Have a date with something, someone or some place that inspires you. Read. Listen. Touch. Have contact with everything that inspires you most, especially if you’re neglecting a certain aspect of your life. Do this daily. Weekly. Monthly.

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